Town of Walkersville Comments

Recommended Walkersville Region Plan

  1. Maintenance of growth area boundary

The Town supports the retention of the community growth boundary originally adopted in 1995. The Town understands that "a community growth limit line is delineated to identify the area expected to be developed within the next 20 years." The Town acknowledges that the community growth boundary encompasses an area far larger than that which is planned for development in 20 years. The growth area boundary encompasses an area generally thought to be within the community and represents the ultimate limits of the community of Walkersville.

The Town feels that the designation of an "ultimate community boundary" is appropriate in this case for the following reasons:

  1. Logical residential growth pattern—The town would like the Plan to allow for the residential development of land within Town limits to occur before those areas that are outside the town limits but are within the growth area. Long-term development strategy would include a tiered approach to the development of the town:
  1. New School SitesThe Town notes the designation of a new elementary school site and a new middle school site on the Route 26 corridor within the community growth boundary. The Town feels that these sites would be more appropriately located in the Frederick Region. Residential growth on the north side of Frederick City has had a significant impact on the enrollments in Walkersville schools. Overcrowding at Walkersville schools would likely be alleviated by the provision of adequate capacity in and around Frederick city.
  2. North-south Parallel Roadthe town has gone on record opposing the designation of a north-south parallel road extending from I-70 to Biggs Ford Road and U.S. 15.
  3. Continuation of the current population growth rate—The Town would like the Walkersville Region Plan to reflect the Town’s desired average growth of 40 to 50 homes per year. (The Town’s population estimate as of July 1, 2006 is 5,734 persons)
  4. Water and Sewer Service MapsThe Town would like to see the water and sewer service maps reflect the Town’s land use plan both inside and outside Town limits.
  5. Provision of facilities to precede or coincide with growth—Roads, schools, libraries, water and sewer facilities need to be in place prior to the approval of additional residential development. The Plan does not push for immediate relief of the school overcrowding and sewer capacity issues. The Town feels that this position further justifies a lower growth scenario for the Region as funding priorities are other areas of the County.

Individual Property Requests

  1. WA-2004-04 Beazer Homes Corp, 883 acres, 9314 Liberty Road, Request for Low Density Residential, Village Center, Conservation.
  2. Town Comments: The development potential of this property alone far exceeds the 20 year need for the Walkersville community based on historic growth rates of the Town. The Town sees the development of this property to be in the final tier of development of the Town, after land within the existing Town limits is developed, and beyond the 20 year plan period. The Town would request that entire property be designated Agricultural and Conservation on the updated Region Plan.

  3. WA-2004-07, G. Hunter Bowers, III, 108.88 acres, 8908 Fountain Rock Road, Request for Low Density Residential and Conservation.
  4. This southern part of this property is designated Limited Industrial on the Town Plan. It lies within a proposed industrial corridor along the railroad tracks. The remainder of the property is designated Agricultural and Conservation on the Town Plan. The Town sees the development of this property to be beyond the 20 year plan period. The Town would request that the industrial designation on the property be maintained and that the requests for a residential plan designation and zoning be denied.

  5. WA-2004-08, Ross Bradley, II, 9403 Dublin Road, Request for change from residential plan designation and zoning to Agricultural designation and zoning.

The Town has no objection to this request.